John Bailey – The Kingfisher Diaries

June 4th 2013


I was down at Kingfisher on Friday 17th May and was  privileged enough to take photographs of three of our guests with stunning fish. I duly noted down their details and then duly lost them.

First up is an old friend of mine, Tim, a brewer now from Lowestoft. He took this fabulous twenty-six pound carp from the big lake, one of a haul of four fish. I've got a distinct feeling he put our regulars well in the shade. Tim, please get back to me with your email address and thanks for the bottle of beer!

Later on in the afternoon, it was a real pleasure to watch father and daughter land a quite beautiful common carp from the Lobster Pot. Dad (Chris?) played the fish superbly and it was netted expertly in the end by daughter, Keeley. Once again, huge apologies because I've lost your address and therefore can't send a disc.

Please, all of you, get back to me at the Kingfisher Office and do forgive my total lack of organisation. Well done all of you on a brilliant fishing performance.

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