John Bailey – The Kingfisher Diaries

May 22nd 2013

A Fine Kingfisher Bream

I was absolutely delighted when a near eight pound bream turned up on the main lake at Kingfisher just the other day. It was a Thursday of howling gales and I managed to trap the fish in one of the secluded bays. Beautiful it most certainly was and pristine, too. Its size was impressive but, especially, was its condition.

My own guess is that there are shoals of these fabulous, young, fast-growing bream coming on and showing themselves year upon year. Within perhaps five seasons, there is going to some terrific bream fishing here again, I guess. I'm hopeful that once again, I'll be seeing fish well in excess of even the mid-double mark. I know we love our tench and carp but a big bream like this deserves our most profound respect.

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