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January 21st 2013

The Worst of Winter Seems to be Here

I've already talked about the worries I have about the stillwaters freezing up, forcing the cormorants onto the rivers. Let's pray this present cold snap is a short-lived one and we get some sense of normality back.

Apart from anything else, I'm dead keen to get onto the main Kingfisher Lake with as many trips as possible before March. There really are some cracking pike out there, you know. Great friend and syndicate member, John Gilman, had a fish well in excess of twenty pounds just a couple of weeks back. It wasn't weighed but on looking at the photographs - which I'll put up soon - it could well have been in the twenty-five to twenty-six pound range. It was gorgeously conditioned and could easily go another two pounds once it begins to fill out with spawn.

For those pikers out there who are looking for a bit of end of season magic, you could really do worse than booking in for a weekend in late February or early March and seeing what we've got to offer. Plenty of fish and some good sizes, too.

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