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September 20th 2011

 The New Hardy Marksman

This is a bit of a press leak! You read it here first. There is a new Hardy Marksman range on the way – the Supero. I’ve had a bit of an insight on the Hampshire Avon recently with a few of the models and they really look good. The Supero is the range. It’s classy. It works.

I’m a bit of the opinion that when it comes to your rod armoury, less is sometimes more. What I’m saying is that you can buy three or four rods that cover what you do expertly. They’re top-class rods that you can live with very happily for years.

Now I’m out of the ‘pro’ carping scene, I find one really good float rod, one really good tip rod and two Avon-type rods do me for virtually all my fishing bar the predator work. That’s four rods in all that are with me just everywhere I go and are perfect for absolutely every challenge. If you concentrate on the Fab Four, price isn’t such a massive issue it would be if you were collecting cupboardfuls of the things!

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