Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Date From Question
24/05/2010 Geoff - Maidstone What are the best baits on the complex?
  All normal baits work well. In the shop, we sell the boilies, pastes and pellets that have proven themselves excellent over the years. Maggots, sweetcorn and even bread are very popular baits. We encourage lure fishing with single-hooked rubber fish for the pike and worms are always attractive to the perch. In short, bring along your favourite baits and you won’t go far wrong.
24/05/2010 Dean - Bedford Are there many tackle shops in the area?
  We have our on-site shop but this really at the moment is just focusing on topping up your bait supplies. There are tackle shops in Norwich and also excellent tackle shops in Dereham, six miles away and Fakenham, about ten miles up the road. If you’re out on the coast, we recommend the tackle shop also in Sheringham.
24/05/2010 Ian - Falkirk I see from the rules that you ban keep nets and also demand that unhooking mats are used.
  Quite correct. We value our fish which is why we do not allow keep nets on the fishery. If you do not have an unhooking mat, one can be rented from the on-site for a £10 deposit. The money will be refunded upon return of the mat. Always remember to wet the mat before placing a fish upon it.
24/05/2010 Lynn - Basingstoke How big are the fish at Kingfishers?
  Well, in many cases, huge! The main Kingfisher Lake has carp to over forty pounds, tench and bream into double figures, large roach, perch and numerous pike. The three smaller lakes have large stocks of carp to twenty pounds, big stocks of tench, a lot of bream, many silver fish, perch and pike. Two and three pound perch are always a possibility and the bream in Lily Lake grow very sizeable. In the river, five pound chub are normal and there is evidence that roach to two pounds still exist. There are dace and even the occasional large bream. Occasional pike to over twenty pounds are also landed.
24/05/2010 Dave - Brighton What are the ticket prices?
  For the three smaller lakes and the river we are charging £7.50 per day, however, you can buy four day tickets for the price of three if you pre-book. Also, the Fishery Guide, worth £6.95, is included in the price of your first day ticket. Tickets for the main Kingfisher Lake are £25 for twenty-five hours.
24/05/2010 Steve - London When are you allowed to fish at Kingfisher?
  The river follows the statutory closed season. That means you can fish from June 16th to March 14th. The lakes are pretty well open every day of the year. However, on the main Kingfisher Lake, we sometimes close the water briefly if it is very evident that the bulk of the carp are spawning and, therefore, vulnerable. This is a conservation measure which rarely lasts more than a few days.
24/05/2010 Mike - Southend, Essex I’d like to do a bit of fishing when I get to Kingfishers but I really don’t know where to begin. Any tips?
  You’re in luck! We have just published a fully illustrated guide on how to fish the waters at the complex. Each of the four lakes and the mile of river are discussed in detail so that you will have a constant companion at your side. Also, if you want to push the boat out, John Bailey, the Fishery Director and author, is also available to give private tuition on the waters for either half or a full day. Contact the office for details of this service.
24/05/2010 John - Liverpool Where do I find the fishery rules?
  In March 2010 we revised the fishery rules which will now be given to you when you pick up your fishing ticket. The fishery rules will also be placed in the welcome pack in your apartment.
24/05/2010 Susan - Gillingham What is the pike fishing like?
  The very big pike of the past probably aren’t in the lakes anymore but you can expect good sport with jacks in the Kingfisher Lake especially but in the other lakes as well. These are excellent for kids and beginners. However, do make sure that you’ve got your unhooking mat ready and the pliers and forceps you need to take out the hooks. An unhooking glove is also a good idea if you are at all unsure. If you are worried about unhooking pike, seek advice from a more experienced angler or, again, take half a day out with John Bailey who will show you the best ways to handle your fish.
24/05/2010 Alex - Great Yarmouth How difficult is the carp fishing?
  On the Kingfisher Lake, the carp are large and wary and pursued by some of the best anglers in the land. These do, therefore, present a challenge – but they’re worth it, as they say! In Lily Lake and Lobster Pot especially, the carp are very plentiful and comparatively easy to catch. All normal methods will take the fish and don’t forget surface baits in warmer weather.
24/05/2010 Gary - Milton Keynes Is the tench fishing good?
  In the main Kingfisher Lake the tench fishing can be excellent with catches of very big fish indeed. However, the Lobster Pot is crammed with tench to at least seven pounds in weight. Willow Lake has a very good reputation for big tench, too, and Kingfisher stalwart, Mick Moore, has had fish to nine pounds there recently. There are also good and plentiful tench in Lily Lake.
24/05/2010 Gary - Milton Keynes Are there big stocks of silver fish?
  On Lily, Lobster and Willow Lake you can catch silver fish all day long. Roach and skimmers predominate and don’t be surprised if the occasional very good fish hits your net.
24/05/2010 Dennis - Stockport Does the river fish well?
  To be quite honest about this cormorants and otters have had a damaging effect on the river and it is always difficult to predict what sport is going to be like. However, there are still stocks of very good chub along the river which feed particularly well in higher, more coloured conditions. Because the river is very little fished, it is often difficult to get feedback. Historically, the Wensum here has been massively famous and we are always hopeful that it will come back to its former glory.
24/05/2010 Dave - Brighton You’ve talked about days out with John Bailey. How does this work?
  Well, John has a lifelong knowledge of the area and has been guiding for at least twenty years. He will basically design the time you want with him to suit your needs. For example, if you want to learn to trot a float, done! Or lure fish for pike, done! He is also willing to give you a tour of neighbouring waters and perhaps even take you out to the coast for bass or mullet.
24/05/2010 Dean - Bedford What is fishing like in the area around Kingfisher?
  Well, we’d like to think you’ve got pretty much everything you need on site but there are some very interesting fisheries around. The famous Catch 22 is only a couple of miles away. There is also a good, small commercial fishery at Elsing a mile up the road.
24/05/2010 Steve - London I enjoy pole fishing. Are the lakes pole friendly?
  Yes, we get a good number of anglers pole fishing, especially on Lily Lake and Lobster Pot. The excellent control the pole gives really does help tremendously on these smaller waters where accuracy is demanded.
24/05/2010 Susan - Gillingham Do you hold matches on the complex?
  No. Because we are a conservation area and because we look after our fish, keep nets are banned. However, we do know of friendly matches between our guests. For example, a carp is worth five points and a silver fish one point. A tench is worth three points and a bream two points. Work out any variation you like on the theme.
23/05/2010 Amy - Devon What is tackle safety like at the complex?
  So far, we have a very good record. We have a very fair idea of who is in the complex. The only people who should be fishing are either syndicate members or holiday-makers. We do not encourage storing tackle in the apartments overnight for obvious reasons but there is a large tackle shed situated next to Lily Lake with lock-up compartments. Keys for this can be obtained from either the Clubhouse or the on-site shop. The cost for storage is £10 per stay.